Message From Matt | December 14, 2017


I know that I told this story at least once in a service and another time in a Bible study, but I would like to share it again and probably at the disproval of my son Brandon :)!  When Brandon was little he went through a time that he was very stubborn and would be a challenge to discipline!  Can any parents relate to to us on this?  One particular time that he was being difficult around age 4 or 5 was when he lied about doing something that he shouldn’t have.  When we found out the truth and confronted him on the lie, he stated that it was just a “little lie” and he didn’t think he should be punished.  That is when God gave me a good thought.  It was dinner time and I asked him about the carrot that I had in my hand.  I asked, “
what is this?”  He responded, “a carrot!”  Then I took a bite out of the carrot and asked him again “what is this?” and he again answered “a carrot!” Then I repeated that process until I had just a little piece of the carrot left and Brandon’s answer didn’t change.  No mater the size of the carrot, it was still a carrot!  Then I told him that no matter how little the lie was it was still a lie!  I reminded him that telling the truth is always so much easier and better.  I think that he learned something that day that I hope he will keep with him the rest of his life.   That telling the truth and living in the truth is the best way to live!  
However, not everyone lives this way!  Many do live their lives in dishonesty!  Our American culture seems to be rampant with people who don’t have truth as a part of their fabric.  Many don’t trust public leaders, church leaders, supervisors, spouses, kids, etc… because there have been too many times that they have “burned”!  We also hear people say that they don’t come to church because there are too many hypocrites in church.  They assume that most in church are those who talk about godly things but don’t live it out.  There are definitely people that have or do those things.  I have in the past and I hope not to ever do again.  
So where is truth? Consistent, unfailing truth?  Let me give you a one word answer – JESUS!
Jesus said in John 14:6, “…I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life:  no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
John 1:17 states, “For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”
John 1:14 states, “…the Word (Jesus)…is full of grace and truth.”
And there are many more verses that speak to Jesus as the truth!
The point is that there lies all around us we might not know what to believe, but please don’t ever lose sight of Jesus being the truth!  Of the Word of God being truth!  
This is yet another reason that we can rejoice this Christmas season!  Jesus came into the world to save us, but also to be truth!  He is the way to Heaven – that is the truth!  He is life – that is truth!  He is the way – that is truth!  He is the Light  – that is the truth!  He is love – that is truth!  He is the Creator – that is truth!  He was born of a virgin – that is truth!  He lived a sinless life – that is truth!  He died on a cross and rose again – that is truth!  He is coming again – that is truth!  
This coming week as we celebrate the birth of Christ, let us also celebrate that He is the TRUTH!  Believe in HIM!